Our Story

Founded in 2004, Fincor Construction is a general contractor specializing in providing renovation solutions with a long history of due diligence and scope development. We have the effective communication and project management skills to successfully complete your projects on time in a professional manner. Since foundation we have overseen over 250 million dollars of renovations. In recent years, we have been responsible for the successful completion of hundreds of projects; renovating over 20,000 vacant and occupied apartment interiors as well as hundreds of exterior and amenity projects including clubhouse / lobby renovations, siding, window and roof replacements, concrete and asphalt, site improvements, etc.

We believe in helping our clients through the entire construction process. This is especially true with proper due diligence. If an important part is missed in the scope of work, the project can go from simple to complicated and costly. That is why we offer to help with scope development. We can be your one-stop construction management division.

One thing that we pride ourselves on is our expansive communication habits. Construction processes demand daily communication with our contractors, vendors and most importantly with our clients. They need to be made aware of every possible issue before it becomes a problem. All of our construction managers have all of the communication skills & tools to ensure the client is kept in the know with all aspects of the project.

FINCOR Construction, Inc. believes that the success of a new project begins in the early planning stage, with proper site reviews, estimating and pricing. Our highly skilled professional team will work with your representatives through all phases, to easily transition from pre-solicitation through construction. Our client's satisfaction is our only goal.

Our team is capable of handling all your renovation needs from New England thru the mid-Atlantic area. One call to FINCOR will begin this process and provide you with the professional construction management you need.

We are deadline / results driven, budget conscious and 100% dedicated to our client’s needs. We are on-site and available 24-7, before, during and after all of our renovation projects.