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Avalon Cove - Jersey City, NJ

Located in Jersey City directly across from Manhattan on the Hudson River, this project includes the successful renovation (500) 100% occupied apartments starting eight apartments every Monday and having them returned five days later on Friday. The scope includes but not limited to paint, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, vinyl flooring, blinds, appliances, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures & microwave circuits.

The tough part about this project is the occupied apartments. The apartments and hallways need to be cleaned throughout the day as we are working & the pathways need to be kept clear. In some cases, residents are home during the day even while we are working around them. The work hours are a strict 9-5. At the end of every day, ALL plumbing fixtures and appliances need to function 100%, no exceptions. Avalonbay has been an amazing help making a very difficult project into a very successful project for all included.